Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Multiple Intelligences Resource Wiki For My Classes

     I’m teaching two classes this semester at Yavapai College: EDU 200, Introduction to Education and ECE/EDU 222 Introduction to the Exceptional Learner. Both classes spend time in the curriculum talking about how to teach culturally and linguistically diverse students. In that context, Howard Gardener’s theory of multiple intelligences is brought up and it remains a theme throughout the rest of the course.
     In the Intro to Education class we’ve been working in groups by grade level interests to develop multiple intelligences lesson webs on assigned parts of our textbook (philosophy of education and history of education.) Starting this week, each group will teach the class using activities from the multiple intelligences webs they created.
     I created the Multiple Intelligences Wiki as a resource for students in both my classes to find information on all the intelligences that will help them in their lesson planning. I envision this as a resource that can be added to by the class as they find information worth sharing. In the spring when I teach EDU 210 Cultural Diversity in Education, the Wiki will come in handy as well!
     I’ve set the Wiki up with a home page listing the Multiple Intelligences along with a short You-Tube video that portrays them. Each of the intelligences has its own page with a brief description of what a learner with that intelligence will be good at and like to do. Also listed are some famous people with that intelligence and how Bloom’s taxonomy could be used with it.
     There is also a page with Internet and print resources on Multiple Intelligences that can be added to as well. A lesson plan page will be an area for the students to share their lesson plans with the class and the world. My expectations for the students will be for them share their multiple intelligences web of ideas related to their grade level and topic areas. They will also share their lesson plans that use one or two of those MI activities when they teach our class their topics of the text.
     I’m pleased with the start of my Wiki and I’m sure it will undergo renovations as I start implementing it for collaborative efforts by my classes. I’m excited about seeing this resource grow as my students and others find ideas to add that make it better and better.
     You're invited to visit my Wiki at

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